The BackTab

The BackTab

What is the Backtab?

The Backtab is an ultra-convenient backrest designed to be with you wherever you go. Its small size and weight is comparable to a tablet PC. It fits in nearly every bag, yet is as comfortable as a standard beach chair.






Sets up in seconds

What is it that makes the Backtab the most convenient backrest ever created?

What is the Backtab made of? 



- The Backtab is made of GRP, an extremely strong, durable and lightweight material. Used in aviation and aerospace.

- GRP is stronger than steel on a kg-for-kg basis.

- GRP is totally corrosion resistant and has a design life of 50 years.





Engineers use GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) in some helicopter models to build the rotor blades. For example the german Bölkow Bo 105, because of the strength and elasticity of GRP the Bo 105 was the first helicopter capable of doing a looping. 






GRP strength test!




- Custom build, stainless steel hinges

- GRP "claws" milled by CNC machines

- Water-repellent, tearproof textile (PVC at the bottom for good grip)







Lean comfortable for hours




Discover how the Backtab supports your body 

The Backtab is designed for people up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms)






Supports your back and your head


Best possible comfort EVERYWHERE





Choose from eight different colors






Fits in nearly every bag!

The black Backtab special

All the information about how to unlock the black Backtab will be available on launching day which will be June 15th. Subscribe now and get all the latest news about the Backtab. 

Enjoy nature everywhere

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